I love mornings. There is no better part of the day than morning. I love to wake up early, make myself a cup of coffee, plan my day, go for a morning walk/run or even go for a morning longboard ride. I love to watch how the city wakes up and people prepare for a day full of new challenges. At this time of the year when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder a feel a little lazy and all I want to do is cover myself in the cosiest knitwear I can find, wrap myself into a blanket, drink tea and stay in bed all day... So this is how my today's morning looked like, and a quick #ootd game photo. Also a little reminder! Don't forget to use a discount code "oggi" when you shop at www.danielwellington.com  to get a 15% off from your whole purchase, because offer expires on 30th of November. Have a great Friday guys!

Wearing Cos Cashmere and Wool blend Cardigan/ Cheap Monday Jeans/ H&M Wool and Cashmere blend Scarf and Tee/ Converse Sneakers/ Daniel Wellington Watch 


  1. I adore morning persons..because I am definitely NOT. But I have same feelings..to cover with a blanket, have a warm tea and stay in bed whole day, with book, or music, or videogames, or just like that, laying and staring to the ceiling..
    So more lazy morning for all of us =D

    Have a fantastic weekend,
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  2. great pics