Fact is fact, but it's actually very cold outside here in Vilnius. I'm like for real guys, very cold! I always moan that London is cold, but my apologies London, you're actually very warm maybe just a little bit too wet, but anyway so what to wear when your ass is freezing outside!?!? Today I was thinking that If I would live back in Lithuania I would probably stop blogging until it's Spring again, as I have no idea how it's even possible to take off your coat outside and do a little photoshoot. I tried to walk around the city already like three times, but unfortunately they were all unsuccessful, as once I step outside my house all I can think of is where to find a warm spot for a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. If you're much like me and can't stay indoors for a while, this problem has to be solved ASAP. Thank god for thermals, long coats, massive scarves, chunky knitwear, two pairs of socks, a hat and a pair of trainers and you are ready to ROCK! 

Wearing COS Coat/ H&M Hat/ Ray Ban Sunglasses/ Reiss Chunky Knitwear/ Cheap Monday Jeans/ New Balance Sneakers

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